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Θάσος Specials Do's and Dont's

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Do's and Dont's

Hello and Good bye

The Greeks are a cordial nation. From that, don't wonder, if if you are taken into the arm instead of a hand joggle now, or someone knocks onto your shoulders.
Very good friends greet themselves in Greece also with an hug and additional a kiss onto the right and left cheek.
A nice tradition of the Greeks is too to wish a good week/month at the beginning of the week/month

Body language

Throw the Head into the neck and an additional tongue crack means NO (= oxi).
Bending the head easily to the side and/or turning the head means YES (= ne).
Definitely not you should show a Greek following gestures:
Shaping thumb and forefinger to a ring, means so much as an obscene gesture and/or idiot.
The lifted one, spread palm of the hand (according to the motto "Give me five") the Greeks take also as an insult.
Otherwise the Greeks are very loud and gesture-rich in their communication. Mostly it is a not a quarrel but of a conversation if you see wil gesturing Greeks.


Unfortunately it occurs just in the touristic small towns again and again, that the tourists walk only with swimming-clothing through the small towns. Indeed this outfit is suffered (it is a question also of the business), but the people don't really like that.
It shouldn't be impossible for the tourists to wear shorts and T-Shirt while walking through the village for shopping or a stay in a bar.
Some Greek believe, that woman, who wear exciting clothes or tight Mini/Hot Pants, are only waiting for an adventure. In some villages it also is a sign for low mental education!
A good compromise would be: Elegant and sexy is okay, but in measures. Tht menas: The skirts not too short and the neckline not down to the navel.
Also the men should ensure how they walk around in a small town. So for example a naked upper body is with hot temperatures very pleasant, however not just a feast for the eyes (Washboard stomachs perhaps not included). Also here. A T-shirt and shorts and already you are in fashion.

In the church

At the visit of churches or cloisters it gives a strict clothing arrangement that you should keep too.
The clothing of the women should cover the knees and shoulders. Even a trousers taboo consists in some churches and cloisters for women.
The men should wear long trousers and cover also the shoulders.
Mostly the photographing is prohibited in churches or cloisters. If there isn't a prohibition sign, you should photograph only without flash.
The hands should not be fold on the back during the visit of a church and you should not show the backside to the icons, when you are direct standing before.
Basically it is valid simply to visit these holy places with some reverence and not performing as a Neanderthal man.

At the beach

On Thassos only on one beach the nude bathing is tolerated. Otherwise the nudist bathing is forbidden in Greece.
Also topless is suffered indeed, nevertheless not welcome. Indeed more and more modern Greek women show themselve topless at the beach, however, as soon as families with children are present, one should refuse on that or search for an other, maybe a little calmer place.
Of course everybody has to take his rubbish with him or throw it in a local garbage can. Please take care of that! It is not funny to walk through the garbage of other people on the beach.

Swimming pool

Who means he must get up already at 04:00 o'clock in the morning, in order to reserve "his" beach chair, he will got a surprise coming, when he goes later on the day to "his" beach chair. The Greeks can joggle only the head about this typical kind.
The Greeks do not have also any problem simply to put aside the towel onto the already reserved beach chair and make themself at home.
Simply take the beach chair which is still free.
Usually there are enough beach chairs avaiable for the pool guests - may you have only to aks for one.

Noon Rest

The Noon Rest is between 1:00/2:00 p.m. and 4:00/5:00 p.m.
In the main season you shouldn´t spontaneous visit just in this time somebody or disturb through a phone call. Since in the main season the night for the Greeks is very shortly, you should allow them these silence times.
In the pre- and after-saison also the hops are closed during this time.


The bill is exhibited usually onto the entire table. I you wish nevertheless separated bills so it gives two possibilities:

Tell it to the waiter before ordering or one of your company ais the whole bill. Afterwards you can calculate the ammount of each one - but please outside the tavern because the Greek don't really understand that way of paying.
If you like to pay, so please don't shout it through the whole tavern or snap with the fingers. It is better there to get the waiters attention with a "in the air writing gesture" or the sentence "Logariasmó parakalló" (Please the bill)
Those one, who can't wait to tell the waiter the payments request, can pay normally directly in the kitchen. But who don't has time in his vacation?
The tip is approx. 10 % of the invoice amount and is left normally after the paying on the table. Just in the main season the children often help clening the tables, an are always very happy finding some tips.
In many taverns a glass Ouzo which one should not reject is offered as Aperitiv or as digestion aid. With so some tourist it remained not only at an Ouzo - it would be therefore very helpful if you can put away a fair bit of alcohol.

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